Panels Organized:

2018 (accepted). Aesthetic Regimes of Thailand. Association for Asian Studies Conference, Denver, CO, March 21-24.

2016. Beyond Commodification: Mass-Produced Religious Objects and Deep Authority in South and Southeast Asia. Association for Asian Studies Annual Conference, Seattle, WA, March 31-April 3.
Participants: Kenneth M. George (discussant), Kirin Narayan, Andrew Alan Johnson, Frank J. Korom, Anthony Lovenheim Irwin.

2012. Constructing Modern Spaces: Personhood and Nation in Nineteenth and Twentieth-Century Khmer and Thai Visual Culture. Cambodian Studies Conference, Northern Illinois University, DeKalb, Illinois, September 13-16.
Participants: Nora Taylor (discussant), Anne Ruth Hansen, Luke Schmidt, Claire Ashbrook, Anthony Lovenheim Irwin.

Panel Discussant:

2017. The Making of Lanna History. 13th International Conference on Thai Studies, Chiang Mai University, Chiang Mai, Thailand, July 15-18.

2015. “The Meaning of Khruba”, and “Khruba: Disciples, Followers, Lineage, and Networks.” Khruba In Lanna Buddhism: Belief, Practice, and the Importance of Ethnicity Workshop, Chiang Mai University, Chiang Mai, Thailand, March 24. 

2013. Functions and Concepts of Art on a Global Stage. Trans-Asia Graduate Student Conference, UW-Madison, April 6-7.