yathai :: ยาไทย

yathai :: ยาไทย is an occasional blog celebrating Thai and Chinese medicine packaging design and translating their contents into English. Below are a few examples. You can see the whole thing by clicking through to the Tumblr page.


Pineapple Brand Shallot Medicine

For the relief of faintness, dizziness, angina, lightheadedness, and nausea. A tonic for the heart.. Adults take one teaspoon (coffeespoon) with meals, children take half as much. Dissolve in still water and lime juice, or take with fresh jasmine water 2-3 times daily, or whenever experiencing symptoms. Made in Chiang Mai city.

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Sirichai Rabbit Brand Medicine

For the relief of cankers, heat of the throat, cough (caused by ขางทราง?), child’s fever, and heat of the head. Take 1 teaspoon (coffespoon) 2-3 times a day. Made in Sankampaeng, Chiang Mai.


Squirrel Brand Medicine

For the relief of mouth sores and cankers, swelling of the gums, and white and/or lacerated tongues in children. Made in Mae Rim, Chiang Mai. 10 baht.